Mineral Water Packing Machine

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Technical Specifications For Fully Automatic Rotary Bottle Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine For Pakaged Drinking Water Plant

The machine is having round Tank with 24 head filling. The filling valves are specially designed to fill water from 250 ml to 2000 ml. The machine is provided with 24 head rinsing nozzle with twenty four sets of catcher for holding bottle which also allows the bottle to get washed from inside. The machine is having 8 sets of special capper, to tighten the cap. The machine is suitable for filling any type of liquid, which has free flow density. As this machine is complete mechanical operated no compressor is required. The machine is also provided with cap feeder, which has a capacity of approx 3500-4500 caps with U. V. Light system. The machine is provided with 20 feet Infeed Air Conveyor and 40 feet Outfeed motorized Conveyor for unloading the filled bottle with Inspection Board and 1 meter Shrinking machine in line. Machine is provided with Variable Speed Controller.

Filling Head 24
Washing Head 24
Capping Head 8
Capacity 100 BPM
Filling Range 250 ml -2000 ml
Suitable Cap shape Plastic screw cap
Cap feeder 3500 -4500 cap holding capacity
Air conveyor 20 feet
Slat Conveyor 40 feet
Air Blower Main Motor Filling Pump Rinsing pump Conveyor motor (Geared) Variable Drive Level Probe 1.5 HP 2800 RPM 2 No. 4 HP, 890 RPM, 3 phase 1HP, 3 phase 1HP, Single phase 1HP, 3 Phase 2HP 240 VAC
P.N.P Sensor Make: Hi- Tech
Inspection light 1 no.
Shrink Tunnel 9KW
Collection Table  
Dimensions W X L X H (Feet) 6 X 7 X 7
Weight Approx. 3500kg

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